Basic characteristics of the product Marushka

In this descriptive part of this website you will find a structured description of map application server Marushka ®. For further interesting information, such as instructions, performance of prototypes, live demonstrations see new section BLOG Marushka®.


Map application server Marushka® represents a new generation of tools (devices) for publication and use of GIS data in the Internet and intranet. It is built on component technology in .NET environment. The aim of development was to overcome the limits of current map servers, especially in terms of publishing performance and cartographic data presentation.


Marushka® publishes data from an unlimited number of data storages with extreme speed. Map composition is transmitted in the Internet environment in symbology of data storage or project on the server side. Publishing in HTML client environment allows ordinary Internet browser all the advanced options to control and display maps. The descriptive information of the displayed data graphics, dynamic legend and server-generated printouts, exports to various raster and vector formats are solved by a completely unique way.


An integral part of the solution is the application Marushka Design®; it offers a simple, visual and intuitive environment for configuring and managing the published map compositions, thus allowing management and administration of the map server configuration project.


Map server Marushka® is also a tool to publish data through OGC Web Services standards, such as WMS and WFS. Advanced applications can then use standard Web Service (SOAP) or TCP / IP remoting by Microsoft. NET.


The principal advantage of Marushka® Server is a close connection with the GeoStore® system, especially with GeoStore® V6, which mainly serves as a strong client and database stores administration tool.


Architecture of Marushka