Getting Started with Marushka

How to make an interactive map composition

The aim of the test project in MarushkaDesign is demonstration of functionality and options that MarushkaDesign offers. In the test project we will demonstrate step by step how to create a fully functional project of map composition and how to create Web map publication from available data. The result will be an interactive web composition in Marushka environment, which will contain basic overview that will allow basic viewing, inserting and editing database data. The Web Marushka in this example will be able to display information about the elements, will be able to localize them, draw new graphical elements or erase user-drawn elements from a data store. For the individual group of elements is displayed the legend, there is of course an option to print to PDF file or by printer.


 Download and try the complete project here.
- This document contains detailed instructions on how to make it.
- Complete Test Project
- Source SHP files or Sqlite databse

Live example:

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Detailed description:

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