In this section you will find all the links to download.

Download MarushkaDesign

How to start with Marushka?

First, download the 30 day trial version. After installation, download the complete tutorial "Getting Started with Marushka". This manual will guide you through basic features of Marushka® technology and it will teach you how to create Web map presentation based on SQL database.


Download a 30 Day Trial MarushkaDesign®
- The package contains fully functional configuration tool MarushkaDesign®
- The package contains functional Marushka® server.
- The trial cannot run on offline machines.
Download a detailed tutorial "Getting Started with Marushka?".
- This document contains detailed instructions on how to make an interactive map composition.
- Complete Test Project
- Source SHP files



In the section examples you will find examples of more advanced tutorials for working with Marushka® technology.
If you will be still interested in Marushka®, feel free to register and make a tentative order.  Our sales department will contact you and send you a prize offer and will help you to bring Marushka in real operation.