Map application server Marushka® is based on component technology GeoStore® in .NET environment. The aim of the development was to overcome the limits of common map servers, especially as regards the performance of publishing and possibilities of cartographic data presentation.

Download and try the 30-day trial version Marushkadesign®. It includes also fully functional web server Marushka®. You will find out, why our clients do love Marushka. 



Map server for 3D data web publishing
   - online viewing of point clouds
   - 3D data visualization
   - creation of dynamic cross sections


You will be in the hands of the company dealing with best GIS solutions.

The Marushka technology is currently used in dozens of projects throughout whole country. Every day must handle extreme stress in number of approaches, layers and graphic elements or to present with a special design.

Nahlížení do katastru nemovitostí Jednotná digitální technická mapa Zlínského kraje. 
Extreme loading of 3000 queries/min, 100 million of graphic elements.  One of the biggest map collections in the Czech Republic, 100 millions of graphic elements.
  Jednotné územní plány a územně analytické podklady Zlínského kraje   
 1500 map layers, 10 million of graphic elements.  Dozens of public map projects of Pilsner city.


 Dálkový přístup do katastru     Registr územní identifikace, adres a nemovitostí
 Direct access to the Cadastre of Real Estate database, visualization of the current state of graphic cadaster.  Map visualization of RUIAN registry.
Brněnský architektonický manuál    
Brno architectural manual. Guide to Architecture 1918-1945.  








Layers Export

In Marushka was added a new functionality, allowing from client to export selected publish layers or user drawing into the following formats: DGN7, WKB, KML, GML, DXF, GPX.

Temporary Connection of Local Files

In Marushka client it is possible to temporarily attach and then display files type KML, DGN7, DGN8, DXF and SHP. The user can attach to the map composition any files of the listed types, after connecting, the file is instantly displayed and the map view is shifted to the limiting rectangle of the file.